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We're proud to be recognized for the considerable growth has achieved,"
said Banan Abutair, CEO of 3C at the Launch of Client Care Center.

"We believe our consistent growth has been fueled by our mission & the value we deliver to businesses through our platform. We are committed to providing the best real-time engagement technology to online businesses so they can meaningfully connect with customers & foster greater brand loyalty."

These days, startups are using cloud-based business apps to store tools for virtually all of their needs. These tools are optimized for the cloud and mostly paid for on a monthly basis. Best of all, they help the company reach and exceed its sales goals so that it can deliver quality products.

3C Providing a chat connection with your salespeople through your site allows consumers to instantly ask a question, request pricing information or make meeting plans. Chat allows your salespeople to multi-task, send links through the chat window and collect information for follow up when chatters aren’t quite ready to buy yet.

Most of the data compiled about live chat technologies point to increased conversion rates, average order values and customer loyalty, as well as reduced shopping cart abandonment and return rates.

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3C solution helps businesses make a big business impression. For websites with low-to-high traffic, the solution delivers an affordable and easy-to-deploy online sales and support channel that also arms with valuable real-time insights on visitor behavior. The system allow centralized depository with ability to give sales & support to end user from in house team or an outsourced Human resource with 3C operator for a quality customer sales & support services.
3C enables client website to offer live chat, Click to Call, Support Tickets, Frequently Asked Questions (Knowledge Base). At 3C we are connecting client businesses and experts with customers seeking help on the web.